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mini 10v snow leopard

Review – Snowy Mini 10v

In our little tech world, there seem to be 3 type of people. There are Windows users, Linux users and of course theĀ obedientĀ Mac users. For a long time, I was […]


A Phone thats Fruitful

As almost all of you know, I was first in line on February 10 to get my hands on the Verizon iPhone here in Dubuque, IA. For my desires, I […]

my iPhone

One Week Later…

It has been a week since I purchased my new Verizon iPhone, and while I am still getting used to the phone I am in absolute love with it. It […]


Don’t Just Hear, Listen!

When my brother and I were heading on a lengthy trip from good ol’ Iowa up to Kelowna, British Columbia Canada, I knew that I would be using my iPod […]


Today Was the Day

Today started at 5am with a trip to the local Verizon Wireless store. Upon arriving, I was the only person waiting, so I chilled in the truck since it was […]


Only Days Away!

Verizon Wireless has been my home network for over a decade. Before Verizon, I was on US Cellular, which to the majority of the world is that cellular company in […]

9808 Helicopter

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a Mini Gyro R/C Helicopter

I had it ready and uploaded, so why wait. This review is over a little toy that I purchased last week, a mini gyroscopic helicopter I got from Newegg while […]


Upcoming Reviews

Currently I am working on several reviews for the site. As to my word, I am going to try to stick to one new review per week. Of course sometimes […]

Website Online

The website is coming into it’s own, albeit slowly but surely. While there is limited content at this time, more will be added as time progresses. To be honest, I […]

Sony HDR-CX550V

Review – Sony HDR-CX550V

This weeks video comes straight from the device that has been providing the beauty of all my videos thus far. For the shooting of the main part of this video […]