Apple Classic Background Thinner Than Air! Fruitful TV! More iPhone Juice…

To Color, or Not to Color?

There are various ways you can take a photo you have taken and editing it to make it look really cool. To be honest, ColorSplash didn’t come up with a […]

pelican i1015

Hardcore iPhone Protection

If you are like me, there are times when you need to protect your gadgets from several environmental factors. My main enemy is dust and debris while at work, and […]

pdp iphone case

Protect Your iPhone!

Every phone that I have ever had I have struggled to find a suitable case that not only looks and feels awesome but also actually protects the phone. However, that […]


Take a Trip

Ever wonder how well your vehicle is running? Want a way to track your fuel economy? Do you actually know how much your vehicle is costing you each year in […]


Let’s Go Running!

For our first app out of the gate, I choose an app that I have been using quite frequently as of late. That app is RunKeeper, the fitness tracking app that allows […]


A New Channel Emerges

Today is the most special of days. Not only do I bring you a new YouTube channel devoted to the numerous iPhone apps that I have and will continue to […]


A Piece of Magic

One of the accessories that I always carry with me when I am away with my laptop is a secondary Bluetooth wireless mouse. For the past couple of years, I have […]


I Can Tell Time!

When I was in college, I discovered the wonderful activity of rock climbing. While I was an avid backpacker at heart, this adrenalin filled adventure sport tickled me in ways […]


One Catch of a Mouse!

I has been a few months since I purchased my R.A.T 7 mouse, and have loved every minute of it. My previous mouse was similar in stats (5600 dpi and […]


Hackintosh Tutorial

While installing Snow Leopard on my Netbook recently was quite enjoyable, in order to do it properly you do need access to a Mac to do it. While many people […]