When it comes to the realm of computer speakers, it would be wrong to say there were a few options out there. Quite frankly, there are just as many speaker systems than there are headsets, maybe even more. However, with all these options to choose from, there are not near as many choices when it comes to great audio quality. Most of these systems come with 2, 5, or even 7 speakers with an attached powered subwofer. Even still, to come across an audio setup that has great audio quality and fits your needs doesn’t’ happen as often as it should. Thus enters the Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 computer audio system.

This system, while not providing surround sound, gives users a rich emmersion into the world of audio clarity and true bass. The mix of good highs, excellent mids and amazing bass excite the listener and give those of us that have had a more mass produced system something to rave about. I have had several systems prior to this setup, most of which were of the Dell brand variety, and none of those systems even compare to the quality of the sound that stem from the Klipsch Pro Media setup.

While these speakers are amazing, especially when you adjust the audio settings just right, there are a few audio systems that are, in my opinion, better in certain departments. Bose makes amazing speakers as well, and their high end is far superior to the Kilipsh, however the bass on the Klipsch beats the Bose setup. All I am saying here is that there is no perfect setup, and each person should go and listen to the different systems to see which mix of tones suits their needs the best, but for the price it is hard to beat the Klipsch system.

-the gooch