So, to be as straight forward as possible, there are many possible ways to track your friends and share your location with others. To be honest, my favorite application to use for this would have to be Google’s Latitude. But, with any given trend or application, another suitor comes to call and offer us another option to consider using. From all my experience, Apple usually produces a product with more polish and pizzazz, but never features as much in the feature department. That being said, I did find myself liking this app. Read on for more…
Apple’s Find My Friends app is an interesting competitor to Google’s Latitude in that while it allows you to share your location with your friends, it also allows you to grant temporary access to your location, with settings allowing you to determine when the person can actually locate you. Find My Friends also does something fundamentally different than Latitude as well, when you access the program it literally pings the users location rather than accessing a database with the users last known location. What this means is that you should get a more accurate reading on the person’s location at the time you are looking for it. To some this might be even more creepy than Latitudes method, but it didn’t really bother me at all. I found myself checking both services often to see the difference and I only found a few periods that they were.
Both Find My Friends and Latitude are useful, fun, and entertaining apps, but without question I use Latitude a lot more often than Find My Friends. While FMF is a neat app that defiantly brings something new to the table, I really didn’t care for logging in every time I wanted to use the app. And because it pings the users location every time you use the app, it takes significantly more time to determine your friends location.
All in all, it is a neat location sharing application, but I find myself using it less and less over time, all while my use of Latitude stays constant or increases. While I like what Apple did, I don’t think this was a game changer and would recommend it to those who already use Latitude as a supplemental aid.

-the gooch