apple tv

First off, sorry for the delay on the written review, I meant to have this done a week ago but got to working on a few other items instead. That said, my latest edition to my entertainment setup is the Apple TV 2, a smaller streaming only version of the original Apple TV with support for HD content. This was my additional replacement for my Roku box that I recently reviewed, I took that back after having it only 2 days due to the fact that I was already getting a Tivo that streams Hulu and Amazon videos, and most of my content is in iTunes anyway. Plus the fact that YouTube blocked their channel on Roku so getting YouTube on the Roku box was all but easy. On the other hand, Apple TV handles YouTube with ease, and is very functional with it’s interface. More after the break…

So after having my Apple TV for a few weeks now I have found several things that I love and a few things I wish they would work on.For one, I love the new ability to purchase TV Shows from Apple TV rather than have to purchase them on your computer, download and finally direct the Apple TV to view them. I also love the wonderful rendering ability of HD videos and ease to drag and drop homemade content into iTunes and find them on the Apple TV instantly. And finally, one of the wonderful abilities of the Apple TV to stream items from my iPhone with Apple Airplay. If it is one thing that Apple does well is making their devices to talk to one another very well and make connecting them very easy.

Unfortunately, the Apple TV is not without it’s problems. For one, if you don’t purchase your content through iTunes it is a pain in the but to get it to play on the Apple TV. And since I am not really into Jailbreaking my Apple items, you really can’t rid yourself of the iTunes atmosphere. While I like iTunes, I know that everyone else is not. Secondly, I do wish there were more “channels” to view on Apple TV. While they did add the Vimeo “channel” with the recent update, I would love to see a way to stream Hulu videos on the Apple TV as well, and if I were really dreaming I would also like to see Amazon Instant Video on the box as well! I think the last item is a little far fetched though!

While there are a few items that I wish were a little different, I do absolutely love my Apple TV, so much in fact I am thinking about getting another one to put in my bedroom. And if I were lucky enough to have an iPad and a Macbook, it would only add to my love for the little box with the fruit pic on top!

-the gooch