Mophie Juice Pack Plus

Just when you thought that new iPhone 4 of yours was so awesome and could do just about everything is right about the time that you notice that your battery is just about dead. I’m not saying that the iPhone doesn’t do good on battery life, but just like every other smartphone out there, there is still a limited supply. Typically, I use around half of my iPhone 4′s battery supply in a given day, sometimes more than that. However, there are those days that I would completely drain the battery if it wasn’t for being close to a charging source. But what about those times when you are not, that is where the Mophie Juice Pack Plus comes in. More after the break

Mophie makes several accessories for the iPhone 4, as well as some of the past iPhones, iPods and iPads. I chose to go with the Juice Pack Plus because it essentially doubles the expected battery life of the iPhone 4. The main reason for my purchase was to keep my iPhone running and recording my GPS track while hiking on a recent trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. With no cell tower nearby, the battery drops off pretty quickly, but with the Mophie Juice Pack Plus, I had plenty of energy to keep my phone going all day!

Essentially, the Juice Pack Plus is a case for my iPhone 4. The iPhone slides down into the main part of the case and then the top part slides on and snaps into the bottom part. Don’t take this the wrong way, it is very easy to get your phone back out once you take the top part of the case off, it basically just slides right back out the way it went it. The fit of the case is awesome, nothing short of what you would come to expect as an iPhone user. It feels like it was made specifically for your iPhone, and holds the phone very well.

When the iPhone slides into the case, it actually slides down and onto a dock connector built into the inside bottom of the case. This allows you to charge the iPhone either from the Juice Pack’s battery or from plugging the Juice Pack’s Micro-USB port into a computer or wall charger (USB cable supplied). When plugged into the wall or computer, both the iPhone and the Juice Pack will charge simultaneously.  The Micro-USB slot can also be used to sync your phone with your computer as well. And when it is time to tell how much battery life is left in the Pack’s battery, there is a battery meter built into the bottom of the case. Push the little button, and little LED lights come on to alert you to the amount of Juice left in the Pack.

To be completely honest, the only downside to the case is the size. It isn’t that I didn’t expect it to be this large, in all fairness I thought the case would be thicker, but anything that takes away from the iPhone 4′s sexy size will always be a downfall. It essentially double the thickness of the phone, and while the Juice Pack Air would be thinner, I wanted the Plus to get the larger capacity. Truthfully, the size of the case is quite comfortable when you hold it in your hand. And if I had to purchase another battery backup case for either myself or my wife’s iPhone, there is no doubt that I will be turning to Mophie to fill my needs!

 The Rundown: (section still needs polish)

+ Doubles iPhone Battery Expectancy

+ Fits Like a Glove

+ Enhances Audio from iPhone

+ Allows iPhone to Dock in Case

+ Switch to turn Battery Backup On/Off

+ Gives iPhone Better Grip

- Makes iPhone Thicker

-the gooch