There are numerous photo apps in the app store, including many that can create 3D environments using panoramic photo stitching. However, when it comes to one that can actually perform well and still be easy to use, they seem to be few and far between. Even more difficult is to conquer this feet while still remaining free, and in steps Microsofts Photosynth app! Read on for more…

I know what you are thinking, it is another crap app by Microsoft. And for those of you Apple fan-boys out there that think nothing good can come from the PC giant, I beg you to reconsider. For the humble price of free, you can get a very simple to use panoramic photo stitcher that does what it advertises and allows you to easily share your creations online using a couple Microsoft sites or Facebook.

The app also stores each created panoramic photo into your default camera roll so you can easily email or mms your newly created scene to your friends without uploading it to a social media site. Given the cost, ease of use, and the fantastic rendering quality of this app, I have no other option than to give it my top of the line 5 star rating. This is one of those apps that everyone should at least try once, and I will honestly say that once you do you will forever find a use for it. Please enjoy the video!

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-the gooch