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mini 10v snow leopard

Review – Snowy Mini 10v

In our little tech world, there seem to be 3 type of people. There are Windows users, Linux users and of course theĀ obedientĀ Mac users. For a long time, I was […]


A Phone thats Fruitful

As almost all of you know, I was first in line on February 10 to get my hands on the Verizon iPhone here in Dubuque, IA. For my desires, I […]

my iPhone

One Week Later…

It has been a week since I purchased my new Verizon iPhone, and while I am still getting used to the phone I am in absolute love with it. It […]


Don’t Just Hear, Listen!

When my brother and I were heading on a lengthy trip from good ol’ Iowa up to Kelowna, British Columbia Canada, I knew that I would be using my iPod […]


Today Was the Day

Today started at 5am with a trip to the local Verizon Wireless store. Upon arriving, I was the only person waiting, so I chilled in the truck since it was […]


Only Days Away!

Verizon Wireless has been my home network for over a decade. Before Verizon, I was on US Cellular, which to the majority of the world is that cellular company in […]

9808 Helicopter

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a Mini Gyro R/C Helicopter

I had it ready and uploaded, so why wait. This review is over a little toy that I purchased last week, a mini gyroscopic helicopter I got from Newegg while […]


Upcoming Reviews

Currently I am working on several reviews for the site. As to my word, I am going to try to stick to one new review per week. Of course sometimes […]