Apple Classic Background Thinner Than Air! Fruitful TV! More iPhone Juice…

Apple Classic Background

I have been requested to supply my custom Apple background that I made for my Apple Devices. I produced the image first for my new iPad to look amazing on […]

Hear the Sound

When it comes to the realm of computer speakers, it would be wrong to say there were a few options out there. Quite frankly, there are just as many speaker […]


I’ll Find You If You Find Me!

So, to be as straight forward as possible, there are many possible ways to track your friends and share your location with others. To be honest, my favorite application to […]


Thinner Than Air!

Just a little over a month ago I picked up one of the new Macbook Air’s from an Apple Store on a trip to Chicago. The newest addition to my […]

apple tv

Fruitful TV

First off, sorry for the delay on the written review, I meant to have this done a week ago but got to working on a few other items instead. That […]

roku 2

A Shrunken Roku

On Monday this week I made my way over to my local Best Buy store to get my hands on one of the new Roku 2 boxes. After trying to […]

Mophie Juice Pack Plus

More iPhone Juice!

Just when you thought that new iPhone 4 of yours was so awesome and could do just about everything is right about the time that you notice that your battery […]

g35 headset

Surround Yourself with Sound

When it comes to gaming on your computer, there are few things that can get you more into the game than a true audio experience. Throw in the ability to […]


Capture it all!

There are numerous photo apps in the app store, including many that can create 3D environments using panoramic photo stitching. However, when it comes to one that can actually perform […]

tomtom iphone car kit

Mount my iPhone!

There are many ways that you can mount a smartphone into a vehicle, and even more ways to mount an iPhone. Let’s face it, the iPhone is the accessories man […]